Azerbaijan, Baku, Bulbul avenue 65C

Port Baku Bazar

Port Baku Bazar Market has started trading and retailing in the local market since April 2014. Launching its business under “Port Baku Bazar” brand in October 2014, the network realized its first project in April 2014. As a result of a successful investment policy, the market quickly gained customer approval. Providing high-quality products to its customers from abroad is one of the main purposes of the company. We are always striving to increase customer satisfaction and improve the quality of service. That is why we are ready to listen to the wishes of all our customers and solve their problems as soon as possible, as well as discuss and implement their proposals.

ANC GROUP LLC, which also includes the Port Baku Bazaar market, is working to improve the financial and social performance of its employees, as well as working conditions, preparing future plans and investing promising youth.