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The right to timely review complaints

You can submit your complaints about any issue in your stores in writing to your customer service stand.

If you type your contact number, you will be contacted as soon as possible regarding the issue.

You have the right to write a "Complaint Questionnaire" about any employee who does treat you politely or fails to properly discharge his/her duties. Each employee has a collar card with a name, a surname and a duty. Complete the Complaint Form and drop it into the Complaint Box, which is specially designed in the shop.

In the event that the employee causing the dissatisfaction does not have the Collar Card with the name, surname and position, you have the right to request the employee to submit it.

You can also report your complaints directly to  "*5551 Customer Services" number.

The right to return your purchased product

You can return any product you purchased from the store within 15 days. For this you must provide a shopping receipt. Otherwise you will not be able to return.

The right to get a cheap price

If there is a difference between the price shown on the label and the box price, you can pay at a lower price.

The right to buy a new product

If there is a product with an expired date among the products you purchased from the stores, you can get a new one free of charge, with the receipt of a cash payment receipt.

* You can offer the product you want to see in writing on the customer service stand.